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Setouchi Triennale 2016 New Artists


Can you believe that the Setouchi Triennale 2016 is less than three months away? Things are going to get faster and busy very soon, and despite my own crazy schedule, I will try to cover the preparations as much as possible until the grand opening. We’re kinda starting today with the list of the Setouchi Triennale 2016 new artists! Not only new artists, but also some whose works are reopening after being closed for the past three years, or simply whose works are being modified, expanded, updated. Of course, the permanent artworks, the ones that are always available will also be during the Triennale, but are not listed here.

Nothing more than a list with a few comments here and there for the moment, hoping that I’ll be able to give you as many preparation goodies as possible between now and the beginning of the festival.



  • In Miyanoura Gallery 6, Yuki Iiyama will have an exhibit in the spring session, Yoshinori Niwa in summer, and Mari Katayama will be there in the fall.
  • Naoshima Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto (it actually opened a few months ago, if you’ve been to Naoshima recently, you may have seen it not too far from the Red Pumpkin).
  • Naoshima Community Center by Hiroshi Sambuichi (it was still under construction the last time I was on the island, in October, but it was inaugurated about a month ago).
  • Naoshima Architecture Exhibition + The Naoshima Plan Exhibit.
  • Naoshima Onna Bunraku (Traditional women’s puppet theater).
  • New artworks in the Benesse House Museum.
  • Sakura no Mori Project by Tadao Ando and Chiyoko Todaka. A project aiming at planting a cherry tree forest on Naoshima.


Naoshima Hall under construction
Hiroshi Sambuichi’s Naoshima Community Center, still under construction in October 2015.


Naoshima Pavilion
Sou Fujimoto’s Naoshima Pavilion




  • Shinro Ohtake has started a brand new installation a few weeks ago (but knowing his style, it will take him quite a while to finish it), the first pictures I saw showed that the base is a rather large boat hull, I don’t know much more at the moment.
  • Anri Sala
  • Apparently, Mike + Doug Starn will renovate Big Bambú, and that is great news! I’ll try to contact them on the topic if possible.
  • Katayama House
  • Sputniko!
  • Nadegata Instant Party
  • Christian Boltanski will have a new work of art on the island. A good occasion to try to meet him, we’ll see.
  • Mirai Moriyama Dance Performance under the direction of Toshiki Okada and Yuko Hasegawa.




  • Bonsai Project (temporary name) by Seishi Hirao and Setouchi Kogeizu – Kagawa Prefecture Bonsai Products Promotion Council.
  • Shinro Ohtake will modify MECON (add more things probably)
  • Island Theater (temporary name) by Yoichiro Yoda
  • Navin Rawanchaikul
  • Chaos*Lounge





Gallery Takeshi Kawashima and Dream Friends in 2013
Takeshi Kawashima & Dream Friends Gallery in 2013


Group 1965 - Showa 40 taking over Ogijima's school in 2013
Ogijima’s School after being taken over by the Group 1965 / Showa 40 during the Setouchi Triennale 2013




  • Me (that is Shodoshima’s Mei Pam Gallery) has a new project, unless it’s the enlarging of Maze Town.
  • Kouhei Takekoshi
  • Junko Koshino
  • Oiwa Island 2 by Oscar Oiwa will be reinstalled on Shodoshima. Let’s hope it’s permanently.
  • Shishigaki Island by Masato Saito will be modified or updated.
  • Hitoyama’s and Nakayama’s Kabuki historical theaters will be included in the Triennale.
  • Straw Art will be back.
  • Chichibu Avant-Garde
  • Lin Shuen Long
  • Wang Wen-Chih will create a third iteration of House of Shodoshima / Light of Shodoshima. Actually, work has already started.
  • A project directed by Noboru Tsubaki, located in many places all over the island and including:
    • a number of artists from India (Pors & Rao, Sarnath Banerjee, Sahej Rahal, Sosa Joseph)
    • Kusakabe Port Gelateria Project (graf+FURYU)
    • Hideyuki Nakayama
    • Some young Japanese artists: Satoshi Murakami, Yuriko Sakaoka, Kaori Kurosaki
    • Shoyu Hall Tea Room Project by Kidosaki Seminar, Kyoto University of Art and Design+graf
    • Hisakazu Shimizu will have a work of art in the 24 Eyes Movie Village (or in front of it)
    • Horikoshi Life Project (by Shodoshima-cho’s residents as well as Waseda University’s Furuya Nobuaki Laboratory)
    • Port Theater by Theater Troupe Mamagoto
    • Creator in Residence « ei »(UMA/design farm+MUSEUM) will reopen.
    • The Island Lab (graf) will reopen (or will be redone).
    • Umaki camp (dot architects) will be updated.
  • Hiroshima City University
  • Fukutake House Asia Art Platform 2016


Light of Shodoshima
Wang Wen-Chih’s Light of Shodoshima – 2013




  • Island Radio
  • Oshima Open-Air Market
  • Seizo Tajima
  • Art for the Hospital Project
  • Fuyuki Yamakawa




  • New exhibit in the Seaside Inujima Gallery.
  • Kohei Nawa in the F-House.
  • Motohiko Odani in the A-House.
  • Chinatsu Shimodaira in the C-House.
  • Yusuke Komota in the I-House in the Spring and Summer.
  • Olafur Eliasson in the I-House in the Fall.
  • Former Site of a Stonecutter’s House – Listen to the Voices of Yesterday like the Voices of Ancient Times de Yusuke Asai will be renovated and/or modified.
  • Inujima Performing Arts Program: MuDA, Nibroll, Kazuhisa Naito, Kohei Nawa+Damien
  • Inujima Stay (temporary name) by Kazuyo Sejima and Akarui Heya.







  • Rikuji Makabe
  • Alexander Ponomariov
  • Su-Mei Tse
  • Yasuaki Igarashi
  • Hiroshi Furugori




  • Students from Kyoto Seika University return to the island with new projects.
  • Terrace of Inland Sea by Masato Nomura will reopen.




  • Artists in Residence on Awashima
  • Mounir Fatmi
  • Katsuhiko Hibino




  • MIKAN: Iriko Retreat (temporary name)
  • contact Gonzo
  • Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan
  • Wilfredo Prieto



Takamatsu Port

  • Setouchi Asia Village (temporary name): a similar project to Bengal Island, but including artists and craftsmen from several Asian countries.
  • Lin Shuen Long
  • Miwa Yanagi
  • Shishimai (Lion Dance)
  • Ritsurin Garden Omotenashi (Hospitality)
  • Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Art at the top of Yashima
  • John Körmeling



Port de Uno

  • Ferry Town Project
  • Atsushi Ozawa
  • Billboard Project
  • Haruyuki Uchida
  • Art will be exhibited in four JR stations (Uno, Bizentai, Hachihama, Joyama)



Several Locations



Location not yet decided

  • Nobuyoshi Araki
  • Megumi Nakamura & Atsuko Hirota
  • Nomad note dance
  • Baby-Pee
  • Bird Park
  • Drama Company Dogeza
  • Island Food Project (Fram’s Setouchi Food School)


So there you have it, Setouchi Triennale 2016 new artists list. Expect more on the topic as time goes.



2 thoughts on “Setouchi Triennale 2016 New Artists”

  1. So many more new art sites! But would the “usual suspect” islands (such as megijima, ogijima and inujima) be open to public during non-festival dates?

    1. The islands are always open, they are populated islands.
      If you mean the artworks, some are open during non-festival dates (usually the permanent ones), some are not (at least that’s the way it was in 2013). However, during festival dates, the Art Passports are not usable, so one needs to pay for each visited artwork. Of course, the outdoors outworks remain available for free 24/7.

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