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Ritsurin Garden in December


Ritsurin Garden in December 2015 - 1


Ritsurin Garden in December 2015 - 2


I have absolutely no time whatsoever to post anything of substance on this blog these days, and believe me, that doesn’t please me at all (if you can read French, I advise you to head to my French blog, it gets a bit more content, as it also has a bigger readership – I’d like to spend the same amount of time and energy on both, but truth is that the French blog is much more popular, and as a consequence, I do take more time for it).

In any case, here are a couple of picture of Ritsurin Garden in December (earlier in the month that is), always a sight to behold.

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, and as I have a few days off, I hope I’ll be able to post more very soon.



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