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If you’re reading this page, I’m assuming that you like my site and are curious about how you could give your support. Well, first and foremost, thank you.

There are a few ways you can thank me, help me, and support me in creating more content.

Remember that the first and easiest thing you can always do is to

share the content you like.

It’s really difficult to get visibility in this day and age when big travel sites and magazines are the ones who are always put at the forefront of visibility (be it on Google, social media, or elsewhere).

So sharing what you like is crucial. Word-to-mouth is the most important way bloggers like me can be seen and found.

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Another good way to show your support, if you can afford it, is financial support. Managing a website is not free, and well, it’s actual work. Getting paid for that work is always very rewarding and motivating to create even more content. 😊

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Thanks in advance.

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