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Setouchi Triennale – Ogijima Preview


The Setouchi Triennale 2016 is opening in a few hours (in two hours and a half as I type these lines), that means I still have a few minutes to post a preview here (couldn’t do it yesterday). 🙂

So yesterday I was on Ogijima, and I got to see a preview of the new art. It was actually “preview” day when the new art is introduced to the press and the locals (I had forgotten about that actually, I originally went for a different reason – linked the to the video below). Sure, I’m neither part of the press, nor a local… But in a sense, I’m almost both. 😉 Anyways, I got to see the art beforehand.

Here is a small photo-report :


1 - setting up the stage for inauguration

Setting up the kick-off ceremony stage in Takamatsu Sunport.


2 - Beyond the Border the Ocean almost ready


Beyond the Border – the Ocean is almost ready.


3 - Beyond the Border the Ocean


4 - Meon

Meon is ready to go.


5 - Toyotama-hime Well

Interesting. Toyotama-hime’s well now has some Ema.
I’ll inquiry about them sooner or later.


6 - Cherry Blossom Buds

Really? They say that this year cherry blossoms will be in full bloom on March 25th this year. It doesn’t look like it’s ready to be in full bloom in five days… But who knows?
Fun fact: this is the same tree (I can’t promise it’s the same branch) than the one that bore the first cherry blossoms I saw back in 2013 during the Triennale.


7 - Dreaming of Blue

The school’s gym has a new look: Dreaming of Blue by Regina Silveira


8 - Kaleidoscope Black and White


Takeshi Kawashima’s Kaleidoscope Black & White is simply stunning. Not gonna lie, while I liked his installation back in 2010, I wasn’t too moved by the one in 2013 (that may be the reason why I never talked about it here), but this one is really mind-blowing. I almost hope that it’s permanent (although I really like the fact that the gallery has some “long term temporary” exhibit – and it’s also the place where my daughter created and had her first art exhibited).


9 - Kaleidoscope Black and White


10 - Takeshi Kawashima

And I finally got to meet Mr. Kawashima (who has moved back to Takamatsu from New York this year, so I hope to meet him again). He was very nice, but also very busy, he only had a few hours to finish his art. When I asked him if I could take a picture, he nicely agreed with a caveat, he had no time to pose, so I’d have to take a picture of his back. Here it is.


11 - Rotation Revolution


Rotation – Revolution by Lin Tianmiao.
Still not sure what to think of it. I’ll have to get a closer look (that’s for later today)


12 - Rotation Revolution


13 - Ozuchishima in the mist

Ozuchishima in the mist


This year Onba Factory and Onba Café are adding another room: Onba Gallery and Shop, with lots of new goodies and craftworks:


14 - Onba Factory 2016

If you like masking tape (and Japanese people love it), this year, Onba Factory has got you covered.


15 - Onba Factory 2016

The new “masking tape Onba”


16 - Onba Factory 2016


17 - Onba Factory 2016


18 - The room inside of the room


The Room Inside the Room


19 - The room inside of the room


Nice room, isn’t it?

What so special about it apart from the awesome painting?

Oscar Oiwa will show us:





20 - The room inside of the room


21 - Oscar Oiwa

Thank you, Oscar, for this presentation and for your amazing work, always…


22 - No Entry

And I’ll end this blog with a PSA. As you’re about to invade the islands and discover the amazing places that they are, always keep in mind that there are people living there, so please respect their privacy and private properties. They’ll thank you for it. 🙂
It has been an issue recently on Ogijima, although one must admit that the art visitors are usually very respectful of the island. The cat tourists? Not so much.


OK, I gotta get ready, I have a ferry to catch soon.




9 thoughts on “Setouchi Triennale – Ogijima Preview”

  1. Hi David,

    Thank you for the awesome preview! Your pictures are beautiful.
    Thanks to you, I finally got how Oscar’s work look like!! I can’t wait to visit Setouchi Triennale. ???? yuko

          1. Thank you! That would be fun! Take us to your favorite udon place, please!!
            I will let you know when we find out our summer plan.

  2. Looks beautiful. Been a while since I have had time to read up on your blog but I hope to at least experience the festival through you if I can’t make it in autumn.

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