Seppuku Pistols in Megijima

The first time I saw and heard about the Seppuku Pistols was last March, when they performed for the opening ceremony of the Setouchi Triennale  2016 on Ogijima.

At the moment, the heat is a bit too intense to go island hopping much. However, a few things made me leave the coolness of my apartment (very relative coolness, I only have one A/C unit for the whole apartment, not enough for Japanese summer):

  • Dru was in town for the Triennale, so we hung out a bit.
  • A great workshop by Team Ogi two days ago.
  • Meeting a few people and more workshops next week.
  • Oh… and the fact that after leaving my old job, I have a social and cultural life again, not mentioning vacation for Obon (just like pretty much everyone else in Japan except employees from my old company… side note: if you’re looking for a job in a English language school in Kagawa, contact me first so that I tell you where NOT to apply). So, unlike three years ago, I can attend some of the many events and workshops that are taking place during the Summer session of the Setouchi Triennale.

And… What about the Seppuku Pistols?

Well, they returned to the Triennale this week for a series of mini-concerts all over the islands. And yesterday afternoon, they were on Megijima for a quite amazing event, about which I’ll talk about soon in detail. But before that, they played a few minutes upon arriving on the island, right off the boat (well, they were also playing on the boat actually).


Seppuku Pistols in Megijima Port - 1


Seppuku Pistols in Megijima Port - 2


Seppuku Pistols in Megijima Port - 3


Seppuku Pistols in Megijima Port - 4


But, let’s admit it, pictures can’t introduce a music band properly. Video on the other hand:


[iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


(to be continued)



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