Onba Factory – September 2014


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than one year since I last talked (briefly) about Onba Factory on the blog! Time to change this.

I guess the place has become so familiar to me that I’m starting to take it for granted. I shouldn’t, as you may know, it’s just a too awesome place to do such a thing.

In any case, the good news is that I was there just a couple of weeks ago (and will likely be back in another couple).

And for the few of you who don’t know what Onba Factory is yet, here are a few useful links:


Ok, now that you know almost everything, let’s get to this month’s batch of pictures and tidbits.


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 1

Onba Café is the ideal spot to relax and take a small break when you visit Ogijima.


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 2


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 3
Not exactly sure what this is, although it looks like a spinning wheel to me.


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 4

Last year, Mr Oshima became a grandpa, so he built this Onba especially for his grandson so that he can he can use it as a “push onba” as he’s learning how to walk at the moment.
Lucky kid, having his own onba so young.


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 5


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 6


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 7


And as it happens quite often when I go to Ogijima and Onba Factory, interesting people are met and little things like the following one are not a rare occurrence.

Please, let me introduce you to Mr. Yamada, an Ogijima lover who likes to regularly visit the island, just like me and many other people I know. One difference though is that he can play the shamisen quite well and he often brings it to the island:



At first, he was a bit reluctant to allow me to publish this on youtube, more from modesty than anything else (and he kinda was peer-pressured into it by the people around who knew me), if you liked it, do not hesitate to “like” the video or drop a small comment (directly in youtube), who knows, he may see it one of these days.


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 8


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 9


Onba Factory - Sept 2014 - 10


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this small virtual visit of Onba Factory and that you’ll experience it yourself one of these days (Onba Factory and Onba Café are open every week-ends and holidays from March to November, as well as every day during the Setouchi Triennale).





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