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House of Light and Seto Inland Sea


House of Light on Ogijima with Seto Inland Sea and Teshima in the background


To know more about Arthur Huang‘s Houses of Light, please check my post about them, the interview I made with Arthur and his website.



8 thoughts on “House of Light and Seto Inland Sea”

        1. You won’t regret daytrip to Ogijima.
          the best would be a weekend, one day on Ogijima and one day on Teshima.

          By the way, I checked for the fares from Takamatsu to Shodoshima if you want to bring your car to the ferry, it’s pretty expensive too (between 6,000 and 10,000 yens I think).
          There’s also a ferry from Kobe to Takamatsu, but I don’t know neither the schedules, nor the prices.

          1. I would probably leave from Himeji or Okayama to get to Shodoshima. I guess I’ll use a rental bicycle or a car then – depending on the weather. Thanks for letting me know! 😀

          2. I guess from your side the most convenient is from Uno port. The ferry from Himeji lands in the north of the island, but then not sure how to get to the south side (where most things are).
            I don’t know anything about the Okayama ferry.
            Once on the island, renting a car is an option but I’m afraid it’s as expensive as bringing yours. There are a bunch of busses though, and renting a bike is also an option for some parts of the islands (or all of them if you can climb mountains with a bike)

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