Bengal Island: The Week After


I didn’t think I was going to tell you about Bengal Island again this soon, but yesterday I went to Takamatsu Sunport and to my surprise, I saw that they hadn’t finish dismantling Bengal Island’s site yet (I’m guessing that they fell behind schedule because of the heavy rain last week, not sure).

I took a few shots, didn’t stay too long as:

  1. my wife was waiting.
  2. it was bittersweet, as every spot brought back memories, but seeing the place in such a shape was a bit sad, almost heartbreaking actually.


Bengal Island after the end - 01

I was quite surprised to see one rickshaw still there.
The bus is less surprising, as I think they need to remove everything before it can leave.


Bengal Island after the end - 02

I can’t believe that the Bangladeshi dinghy‘s anchor had been left there.
If no one wants it, I’ll gladly take it, honestly.


Bengal Island after the end - 03


Bengal Island after the end - 04

Some parts of Weaving Weaving, waiting to be thrown away. 🙁


Bengal Island after the end - 05

The traditional Japanese boat construction site.



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