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Whale meat sales are plummeting in Japan


That’s what I’ve heard recently, apparently up to 75% of that whale meat from this year’s hunting season didn’t get bought by wholesalers and such. In itself, I consider this to be a good thing.

Yet, this was my dinner a few days ago:

Whale Meat sashimi 1


Whale Meat Sashimi


Whale Meat Sashimi 2


That was not the only thing I had for dinner that day. I also had what is possibly my favorite sashimi, Hamachi:


Sashimi Hamachi


Yes, I know, I really need to learn how to take food pictures.



13 thoughts on “Whale meat sales are plummeting in Japan”

  1. Hi David
    Yes I’ve had it, dog too but that wasn’t in Japan. That was in London!
    Is there any reason it isn’t being bought?


    1. Dog in England? Isn’t it illegal? (I’m pretty sure it is in France)

      I guess it is not being bought because there is no demand anymore. Contrary to popular (European and American) belief, whale meat is just not that common in Japanese kitchens.

  2. Whale meat is a very traditional meat in Japan and is rarely eaten by the younger generation in Japan these days. We still got it about once a year as part of our school lunch but not as often as in the past.


        1. I see. I knew you taught there, but I didn’t know teachers also had a “school lunch” (so for me it sounded like you were a student).
          Makes sense now.

  3. I’ve seen a fair amount of Whale meat in tins in Japan, it was even in Itami airport.

    The dog meat I had was bought over from China, along with Chinese dog wine (I won’t tell what part was supposed to be brewed in the wine). The meat tasted like boiled beef and was quite red (cooked).

    I tried raw Horse meat a few years ago but I found it a bit tough to eat.


    1. I never had raw horse, but I really miss some good old horse steak from France. (it has become uncommon these days though, I remember being a kid and eating some quite regularly).

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