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Niihama Teens


niihama teens



4 thoughts on “Niihama Teens”

    1. I don’t know how tall you are, but I haven’t seen anyone as tall as me yet (I’m 1m87). But it’s true that just like in Europe (and I assume other places in the world. Australia?) Every generation seems taller than the previous one.

      1. Hi David, Wow! You are pretty tall. I am around 183cm which is average for Australia but tall for Japan. Every generation seems to be taller than the previous, but I have noticed the difference a lot more in Japan over the last 15 years. Must be all that milk that drink with the school lunch 🙂


        1. My guess would be that nowadays (in every developed countries) kids have less and less crippling diseases and such that used to prevent a healthy growth.

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