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The fall session of the Setouchi Triennale 2013 is underway. It started last saturday and the main event this fall is the first participation of Awashima, Ibukijima and Honjima for the first time. That is where I was for the past two days. It was my very first visit of Awashima and Takamijima – I already knew Honjima a little. I hope to have the time (and the energy) to tell you all about it in the next few days, and to write as much as possible about the Triennale all month long.

Let’s start with this brief post showing how the people of Honjima are working hard to welcome the new visitors on their island. It’s actually one of the things I noticed the most. How the people of Awashima and Honjima (much less on Takamijima, but more about that another day) are going out of their way to welcome the triennale and its visitors.


Welcome to Honjima


The students from Honjima junior high school have decorated the front of their school with painted buoys and welcome messages.


Totoro sur Honjima

I’m sure that’s going to please some of you.


Honjima - Bear's Kitchen - 1


I don’t know if this Bear’s Kitchen is new. I hadn’t noticed it before, but what is new are those large signs (three actually) and it’s probably the first time I see English being so prominent on any local sign.


Honjima - Bear's Kitchen - 2


to be continued…



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