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Teshima Art Museum


Teshima Art Museum 2


I’m long due to a new visit of the Teshima Art Museum, don’t you think? I think I haven’t been in one year or so…



2 thoughts on “Teshima Art Museum”

  1. I’ve been meaning to write to you for months to say thank you, and this post reminded me. Because of your blog, and all the great posts you’ve done about the Setouchi Trienniale, I made sure to schedule my last trip to Japan so that I could take in the Fall session–it was great! I saw so many beautiful places, especially the Teshima Museum, enjoyed lots of wonderful artworks ( and of course, there were those I didn’t care for as well), and met and talked with lots of kind, friendly, interesting people. The food was great too, everywhere I went! I would go again in a heartbeat! If not for your blog, I would never have heard of the festival at all, so thank you!

    1. Marcia, you’re very welcome and a big thank you to you too for this message.
      This is the reason why this blog exists, so that people can discover this wonderful and often overlooked area.

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