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An oldie but a goodie today with Kyoco Taniyama‘s Rainy Lane:


rainy lane


Rainy Lane was an installation that lasted only during the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010, and it was much more than just a few containers from which showers would come out at times.

I loved it because it was one of those works of art that are entirely site specific. Rainy Lane couldn’t have existed anywhere else but on Ogijima. Its existence entirely depends on Ogijima’s identity, history and culture. And it actually taught a lot about them back in 2010 when I didn’t know the island too well yet.

And during your next visit to Ogijima, if you look closely, you may spot some remains of the installation that is now part of the island in a sense. In the meantime, I advise you to go check Kyoco Taniyama‘s words about Rainy Lane on her site.



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