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Help a Takamatsu NGO Help the People of Miyagi

Just a brief note to ask you – if you haven’t given all of the money that you can spare to one of the NGOs listed in the Blog For Japan Initiative yet – to give money to one more NGO.

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Second Hand is a small NGO based in Takamatsu. But instead of telling you what they’re all about, I’ll let Cathy Hirano do it, after all, I discovered it through her blog and she volunteers with them.

You can read all about it in her post about Second Hand in her blog.

And here is their official site, where you can make a donation.

If you still haven’t done so because you’re not sure where to give (remember, despite its ubiquity, the Red Cross is not always the best choice) or if you’re able to give a second time, I think it would be a good choice to give to Second Hand.

I quote the site :

Your money will be used solely to assist people affected by this terrible natural disaster. Please remember that every Euro, Dollar or Yen makes a real difference.

Update: Second Hand has now a blog in English where they report what they exactly do (if all NGOs could do that, it would be great), they have also opened a PayPal Account to facilitate donations from abroad:


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