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Sunport Sanpo

Last Wednesday, the kids were having something near Sunport Takamatsu, so I decided to go take a walk there. I think I hadn’t done that in several months. And on a weekday, late afternoon? Maybe not in years.

So, I just took a few random pictures with my phone (which can take amazing pictures, but it’s always a bit random) and it would have been a shame if I hadn’t shared them with you, right?


1 Red Lighthouse

Good afternoon, Red Lighthouse, long time no see…



2 Islands

Dear islands, I miss you so much.
(but vaccines are coming, so expect me to come and visit you again soon, finally)


3 seascape

“no filter” as they say elsewhere



4 Ikeda ferry

Know your ferries: the “panda ferry” connects Takamatsu with Ikeda Port on Shodoshima.


5 tonosho ferry

Know your ferries, part two: Olive Line ferries connects Takamatsu with Tonosho Port on Shodoshima.


I’ve been meaning to make a “know your ferries” page on this site, but never took the time to do it. Do you think it’d be useful? Please, tell me what you think in the comments.



There are often quite a few things to see on the “people side of things” at Sunport:


6 mini concert at sunport

A mini-concert. Japanese hip hop, not really my thing, but they gave me a flyer when they saw me stop and take a picture.

They’re called Sunlite, a “solo & unit project.” Of course, the flyer is full of QR codes, not very convenient for me to share their links. I guess I’ll have to scan them on my phone and then type what I found here, on my computer. It almost feels like faxing. Are QR codes common where you live? I’ve never found them that useful and definitely not convenient, but they’re everywhere in Japan, and the young seem to love them even more than the other generations.

So, we have Tsukasa Morimoto, Shuto Miyazaki, and Mokken Z.

Oh wait, the collective has a Twitter account and a website. I guess that will do, I don’t see myself scanning the dozen QR codes that the flyer had and typing what I found here. You can find their Youtube and the rest from there if you’re interested.


7 wedding pictures at sunport

And there also was a couple taking wedding pictures
(in Japan, you don’t take them on your wedding day, usually).
I guess they chose a good day for this.


8 ravens at sunport

Also, some ravens chasing each other.
It seems that ravens have become a constant in my life lately.
(for more detail about that, please check out The Swamp – my “newish” blog).


9 sunport late afternoon


Yep, it was a nice late afternoon walk, and I was greatly welcome.
I really don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors these days.


10 seto inland sea



Setouchi Explorer Logo 75x75 circle



6 thoughts on “Sunport Sanpo”

  1. Lovely post. I never get tired of photos of the port area and the sea — and I think a ‘Know Your Ferries’ column would be great! Fun Fact from Australia: Sydney’s First Fleet ferries are all named after one of the ships that brought the first white settlers/invaders — British convicts — to the continent in 1788.

    1. Thanks Kate.
      Yes, I need to write that column about the various ferries. One of the many things I have on the back burner (that has been piling up quite a bit for the past year or so).

      Thanks for the info about the Sydney ferries (I hope to see them one day, but when is this going to be?)

  2. As always, nice post. A ‘Know your Ferries’ series would be great. Related to that, what will happen with the old port to the east near Kitahama? Is it still in use? I noticed activity there back in 2019. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      The port just east of Kitahama is in use, but not really for passengers. It has a few private boats (most are moored even more east), it’s also a mooring place for some older small-sized ferries that are infrequently used (to Teshima and Oshima mostly). Finally, it has a ferry to Teshima, but that’s the ferry not for passengers, it only carries trucks and such.

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