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Summer Solstice Sunset 2021

Believe it or not, I think it’s the first time I see the sunset in Japan on June 21st!

In my first years here, I worked until after sunset (never again), and generally speaking, the Summer solstice usually takes place during the rainy season, so I mostly see rain on that day most years.

This year, we got lucky (or are we? the rainy season has been all messy, and it’s probably just one more symptom of the climate getting haywire) and we got a wonderful sunset.

I had to take pictures and also a very short video (all shot with my phone, I kinda regret not taking my “real” cameras).

Please, enjoy this much-deserved reprieve from the crazy times we live in.


Sunset Setouchi June 21st



(Also, let’s play a little game if you care – I posting similar content to various blogs and social media accounts, but all with a different picture, can you find them all? There are 11 pictures)


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