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Torii on Naoshima’s Beach


Torii on Naoshima's Beach


If you’ve been to Naoshima before, chances are that you have seen this Torii. It is located on the Benesse Art Site Beach in between Tsutsuji-so (the Mongolian yurt campground) and the famous Yellow Pumpkin.


It is pretty small (no more than two meters high) although I suspect that it is partly buried in the sand. I don’t really know anything about it (what shrine does it belong to? no idea, there doesn’t seem to be one in the vicinity), except for the fact that tourists like it (and it’s very easy to land a stone on it as you can see).



6 thoughts on “Torii on Naoshima’s Beach”

  1. You’re either standing on a steepish hill/dune with the torii just behind it, or that’s the squattest torii I’ve ever seen. Even this chibi might be able to get a stone up there. ^^

  2. Funny, like you with the garbage can, I have never seen this Torii. I usually avoid the yurt area. Maybe next time. I’ll be sure to throw a rock to knock the other rocks down. 😉 j/k

    1. Why do you avoid it?
      I think the Benesse Art Site Beach is my favorite part of the island.
      No need to throw rocks, you can just grab them (it’s that low)

      1. Just joking about throwing them. Figured, a good whack would knock other rocks off and I could put more rocks up there. 🙂

        I never purposefully avoided the beach. The first time, I was tired and it was cloudy. Not good beach weather. I might have seen it, but don’t remember going there. This time, I just didn’t have time. I lucked out and the bus was arriving withing a couple minutes of getting to the bus stop. Next time, I’ll try to check it out. 🙂

        1. I see what you mean with the “not avoiding the beach on purpose” actually last April we didn’t really go either. Bus scheduling reasons too. We were a bit short on time, and as the bus was about to arrive, we didn’t pass it up for the next. Which is sad, because for once, there was no crowd around the Yellow Pumpkin, maybe I would have been able to take the shots I wanted.

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