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Sunday in Takamatsu


Today, just a few pictures (and a video) of a Sunday spent in Takamatsu (it was Sunday, October 17th if you wonder).


Bad Boys inTakamatsu
Japanese Bikers!


Taiko in Takamatsu

During the three months that the Setouchi International Art Festival lasted there were a bunch of cultural events here and there associated to it, especially in Sunport and especially on weekends, such as this Taiko concert.


[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


Lot of people for Ogijima and Megijima

Meon, the ferry to Ogijima and Megijima.
Usually, there are rarely more than a couple of dozens people taking it at a time.
But that was on a Sunday during the festival.


Tamamos Wall

The outside walls of Tamamo-koen.


Sunport and Symbol Tower
Sunport and Symbol Tower


 That day was well used indeed, as it is also the day that I officially started my coverage of the Setouchi International Art Festival with the visit of Noboru Tsubaki’s PROM – Prosthetic Restoration of Our Memory. And that’s not all as you’ll see in the next post (to be continued).


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