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Shikoku Pilgrimage Gods


As you most likely already know, when you do the Shikoku Pilgrimage, or simply when you visit its temples with the appropriate “notebook” you can receive a very nice calligraphy of the temple’s “official signature” in exchange of 300 Yen (you can see some of them in the pages devoted to those temples in this blog). What you may not know if you haven’t get one yourself is that, in addition of the calligraphy, you also receive a small drawing of the main god of that temple (but this time it is printed not a calligraphy).

Here are the nine that I have collected so far (I’m telling you, sometimes I wonder whether the Shikoku Pilgrimage is really about Buddhism and mysticism or if it is about starting new collections).

However, don’t really count on me to tell you more about those gods. Ask Wikipedia.


75 ZentsujiYakushi Nyorai at Zentsū-ji


76 KonzojiYakushi Nyorai at Konzō-ji


79 TennojiJūichimen Kannon at Tennō-ji


80 Sanuki KokubunjiSenjū Kannon at Sanuki Kokubun-ji


82 NegorojiSenjū Kannon at Negoro-ji


84 YashimajiJūichimen Kannon at Yashima-ji


85 YakurijiShō Kannon at Yakuri-ji


86 ShidojiJūichimen Kannon at Shido-ji


87 NagaojiShō Kannon at Nagao-ji


That’s pretty much it for today. If there’s a Buddhist among you who wants to give us more details about those “people” please, do not hesitate.



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