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On the Ferry from Shōdoshima


This picture was taken yesterday on the ferry from Shōdoshima. I’ll give you the details of that small daytrip very soon.

If you’ve ever wondered why I chose to live in Kagawa, this should help you start getting an answer.


Ogijima Lighthouse Ozuchishima Seto


You may have recognized Ogijima’s Lighthouse and Ōzuchishima on the picure.



9 thoughts on “On the Ferry from Shōdoshima”

  1. Lovely! It reminded me of how much I would like to go back there again. By the way, do you know anything about the insects on Ogijima, or where I might be able to find out about them? When I was there last May I saw some gorgeously colored grasshoppers and other bugs, and I’d like to know what they are.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Japanese insects (I assume the ones on Ogijima are the same as the rest of Kagawa).
      Do you have pictures, so that I could research a little?

      1. Thanks for being willing to research, but alas, that was one of the days (too many on that trip!) that I forgot to take my camera with me. It would be useful, of course, if I had pictures of them. Next time I vow to be better about that. Maybe I could try contacting a local university. I wonder if the visitors’ center on Ogijima would ever consider having some information available about the island flora and fauna.

        1. Yeah, I wish Ogijima had more information available like this type. But with time, who knows.
          The first time I went, there was no information whatsoever. Since it was put on the map thanks to the Art Setouchi Festival, there is more and more, however, it concerns mostly its people and culture (which is the most important part though), I don’t think nature has any specificity from the other islands around.

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