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Ōzuchishima – 大槌島

Ōzuchishima - 大槌島

See the tiny triangular shaped islet in the background?

It’s called Ōzuchishima (大槌島), Big Hammer Island and it’s one of the many islets in the Seto Inland Sea. Nobody lives on it. Yet, it is one of the most famous islands of this part of the sea (that is the part east of the Seto Ō-hashi, the Great Seto Bridge) or at least one of the most photographed islands of the Seto sea. I guess it is because of its shape (Japanese people say it looks like a giant Onigiri) as well as the fact that it can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the area, Takamatsu, Naoshima, Ogijima (where this picture was taken), the Great Bridge, and from the coast in the Okayama Prefecture too.

In other words, this tiny islet, despite being devoid of people and unaccessible (except if you have your own personal boat) is pretty much a landmark in this part of Kagawa and Okayama.

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