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Ogijima Lighthouse


Ogijima Lighthouse


This picture may be one of my favorites of Ogijima’s Lighthouse. And you won’t be surprised if I tell you that 康代 used it to draw this blog’s logo, although for some reason I use it mostly with the French version of the blog, but you’ve seen it if you follow me on Twitter.


Apart from that, sorry if I haven’t been posting as much lately but:

  • I’m discovering Summer in Japan and it is indeed hot (not as hot as Florida, but Florida has better air conditioning).
  • My boss is currently absent, and I’m busier than usual at work, so more tired than usual when I don’t work.
  • A tooth has been giving me a hard time for the past week (it goes from painful to excruciatingly painful) and it has become hard to focus more than a few minutes in a row because of it. The good news is that I fired my dentist today and trying a new one tomorrow.

As soon as one of those three situations improve (hopefully the third one first) I’ll post more, promise.



3 thoughts on “Ogijima Lighthouse”

    1. Thanks.
      I went to a new dentist yesterday, I heard he’s really good, and he also can speak English, which helps. He may be able to save my tooth (well what remains of it as this tooth has been pretty ,uch dead for about 20 years, actually how come it’s the one that gives me problem now is a bit strange) and the pain is almost gone today!

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