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The WTF Video of the day!


So, this post used to contain a music video directed by McG and Takashi Murakami and starring Kirsten Dunst covering the song “Turning Japanese“.

It was called: Akihabara Majokko Princess.

You see guess what it looked like from this picture:

Akihabara Majokko Princess


The problem is that it was taken down from the internet today by Kaikai Kiki, Murakami’s company/artists collective.

I’m sure that if I look hard enough, I can find it somewhere else, but I won’t bother.

This incident shows how disconnected from everything some companies and unfortunately some artists are nowadays with their obsession with copyright and internet sharing.

This video was not for sale, no nobody wasn’t stealing anything by putting it up on Youtube. No, putting it up on Youtube was allowing millions of people to watch it instead of just a happy few. Putting this video up on Youtube was free publicity for you Mr. Murakami.

A real artist is somebody who wants to share their works with the world, somebody who wants as many people as possible to enjoy their art.

You’re not a real artist Takashi Murakami, you’re just one of those profiters who are way too numerous in artistic and entertainment circles.

Well played Takashi Murakami. This video made me want to know more about you and your works. I’m now officially boycotting you, and will give you as much bad publicity as possible.



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