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Alright, to “re-inaugurate” this blog, what’s better than a strong symbol?
And what better strong symbol about Japan than Itsukushima‘s Otorii?


Miyajima Otorii


And as it’s the week-end, it’ll be the perfect entry for “Show Me Japan“, will it not?




9 thoughts on “Otorii”

    1. Thanks. If you guys like it, I have more to come (I should make a series one days called “the hundred views of Miyajima’s Otorii” (well, I don’t have a hundred… yet… we’ll see next time I go there)

  1. nice choice of image for the “re-inauguration” of your blog. are you marking the entrance to a sacred space? i mean, now i have a sense of excitement of what lies beyond the outer torii. looking forward to the journey.

    1. I guess this is the idea. 🙂 That and the fact that I’ve been meaning to post this picture for a while now and I needed a good occasion.

      As for the rest of the journey, there won’t be any change in the content just yet (the “re-inauguration” was just technical and cosmetic). First I need to finish my “report” about the Setouchi Festival (as well as a couple of things I left aside). Then we’ll see. Either it’s going to more or less coincide with my next trip (which will be all good) or I’ll tell you about my past trips as I didn’t write about them in English yet.

  2. Congratulations on “Re-inauguration” and it’s a great idea to show Itsukushima shrine, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!
    It’s a shame that I haven’t been to there and your post made me feel like visiting someday.

    1. It’s a really an amazing spot. And I mean, the whole island, not just the Torii. First I almost was reluctant to go. I just remember all of those foreigners that always fantasize about the Eiffel Tower -while let’s admit it, it sure is impressive the first time you see it, after, that’s pretty much it, you realize that it’s just a pile of steel beams- and I was afraid to fall into the same (mental) trap with the Otorii. However, while the place is a little bit too touristy for my taste, it has nothing to do with the Eiffel Tower, maybe more with Mt St-Michel (as the ad used to publicize) after they’re both sacred places on water (now, the last time I saw Mt St-Michel, I was 5, so hard to compare really), in any case, go as soon as you can (and try to avoid touristy season).

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