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Strolling around the Streets of Honmura on Naoshima


As you may already know Honmura is one of the villages of Naoshima. It’s the one that home of the Art House Project and the one where you’ll most likely spend time in when you visit the island.

Here are just a few pictures from the village:


Honmura on Naoshima - 1


Honmura on Naoshima - 2

You can find these string silhouettes here and there in the streets of the village.


Honmura on Naoshima - 3


Many residents like to give an artistic touch to the front of their house.
This one is probably the most “interesting”.

I especially like how it incorporates its own things (like the frogs), with popular icons (Totoro, Anpanman, is that Shimajiro?) and some of Naoshima landmarks.


Honmura on Naoshima - 4


Honmura on Naoshima - 5


Honmura on Naoshima - 6


The noren (half-curtains in entrances) are also worth noticing.
They are part of the Naoshima Noren Project.


Honmura on Naoshima - 7


Honmura on Naoshima - 8


Even if Naoshima is more and more famous, and attracts more and more people, I never tired of seeing the trendy youth from larger cities strolling around a Seto island.


Honmura on Naoshima - 9


Honmura on Naoshima - 10


Honestly, when people ask me what’s my favorite thing on Naoshima, my answer tends to be Honmura streets.



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