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Fun fact: I don’t think I had been to Megijima in the past two years (wow, really? I guess I’m too busy going to Ogijima all the time 😉 ), when suddenly… I went last week, I went yesterday and I’m returning there on Saturday….

What’s happening?

<suspenseful music…>

Don’t worry, you’ll know everything in due time.

As I wasn’t there “for fun” (it was still fun though), I didn’t take any picture, but I guess this is a good opportunity to rummage through my old archives of unpublished pictures and look what I’ve found: an entire set of a visit to Megijima dating from… April 2013! (during the Setouchi Triennale)




Stay tuned for more (this Saturday I should be able to take pictures and maybe do a post like the recent ones about Shodoshima and Teshima – as they’ll be the same kind of visit)

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