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Farewell You & I (Nawa) Pillar


You I Nawa Pillar 2010


For some reason I really like You & I – Nawa – Pillar 2010 by Mariyo Yagi that can be found at the Takeshi Kawashima & Dream Friends Gallery on Ogijima.

You can find more details about the artworks on the first post I wrote about the Dream Friends.

 However, I have sad news. If you want to see it, you have 10 days left and not one more! On Saturday, September 15th, the You & I – Nawa – Pillar will be dismantled and burned. It is sad news, but let’s not forget that it was supposed to last the three months of the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010, instead it lasted a little more than two years. It seemed pretty well-preserved the last time I saw it (back in May, when that picture was taken), but maybe this summer that’s coming to an end was tough on it, I’m not sure.

In any case, run see it before September 15th if you can (I can’t 🙁 I’m actually planning on going to Ogijima a few days later, depending on the weather and paternal duties), and actually if you can go to Ogijima on the 15th, they’re looking for people to help dismantling and carry it (it’s pretty big and heavy). More details are available (in Japanese) on Ogi de Asobitai.

 So, farewell, You & I – Nawa – Pillar 2010. I’ll miss you.



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