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One thing that I find even more fun than Japanese commercials with Westerner celebrities are Japanese commercial with Westerners are that famous in Japan but more or less unknown in their own country. Just like this one (please excuse the poor quality of the images, it’s a scan made from a flyer):

pub 1

pub 2

pub 3

It amuses me a lot (but some say I’m easily amused) that this man is a huge celebrity in Japan (probably the most famous guy from his nationality) and yet, I’m pretty sure that he’s more or less unknown in his own country.

I’ll finish this post with a little game. First, I’ll ask people who already know the answer (for example if you live in Japan) to wait a few days before giving it in order to give a chance to other people. Here is my (threefold) question:

  • What is the name of this man?
  • What country is he from?
  • What is he famous for?

(tip: there’s a big clue somewhere in this page)

Finally, one late of self-congratulation: When I first saw this flyer, I understood the title right away! No, not “Eternal”, the other title: “香るオトコ”
I think it’s the first time I understood something with mostly Kanji and Katakana
Oh, yeah, it means “Perfumed man”

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