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Wallalley – Fall 2018


Wallalley 2018 Ogijima 1


Wallalley 2018 Ogijima 2


Those two pictures of one of the sections of Rikuji Makabe‘s Wallalley on Ogijima were taken a couple of weeks ago.

Originally, I didn’t mean to publish them here. I just took them to make sure of something and confirm my memory wasn’t playing tricks to me.

What am I alluding to? Well, check out pretty much the same picture as the previous one but from two years ago.

They’re the same, yet different!

I mean, I knew that Rikuji Makabe regularly comes to the island to fix “his” paintings, I even ran into him once. You didn’t think it had stayed in such a good shape over the 8+ years it’s been around (facing scorching sun in the summer, typhoons in the fall and freezing winds in the winter) just like that, did you?

It just had never crossed my mind that he would make changes to them in the process. Well, it really makes sense after all. It must be boring to paint over the exact same shapes with the exact same colors (providing you find the exact same color of paint in the shop) over and over again. 😉

I guess I have a new game now when I go to Ogijima: spot the differences and try to guess whether Mr. Makabe had stopped by recently. 😉



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