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After the Typhoon…


If you’ve ever been through a typhoon, hurricane or cyclone, you know that once it’s over, if you didn’t sustain much or any damage, it’s always a special moment. Sure, there’s the relief that it’s over, but there’s something else; the skies are always more beautiful than usual.

Here are a few shots taken yesterday evening in Takamatsu, briefly before sunset:


Takamatsu after the typhoon - 1


Takamatsu after the typhoon - 2


Takamatsu after the typhoon - 3


And in case you’re wondering, while it was the strongest typhoon I have experienced in Japan (equivalent to a category 1 hurricane, I believe), there was only very localized damage in Takamatsu. Most of the city was unscathed. Some other parts of the country are not as lucky.





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