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Tsukimi Yagura


Tsukimi Yagura (literally: “Moon-viewing Tower”) is one of the very few original remaining parts of the original Tamamo-jo (aka Takamatsu’s castle). It used to stand by the water, but nowadays, a street and part of the port are between the tower and the water.



2 thoughts on “Tsukimi Yagura”

    1. Thanks Rachel.
      Well, the history of the place is the history of Takamatsu’s castle as it’s a part of it.
      It’s a bit too long for me to summarize it.
      One of these days, maybe I’ll write more about it. In the meantime, you can find answers googling “Takamatsu castle” “Tamamo-jo” “Matsudaira clan”. 🙂

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