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Today, a few lines about a restaurant that I really like in Takamatsu and that is quite famous I think. It’s a fish restaurant where one can eat for any price (from lunch menu at about ¥1,000 to the ¥7,000 or so Kaiseki).

Contrarily to my favorite sushi restaurant, it has the advantage of being downtown. The food is excellent and the place is very quiet (although I only went for lunch, things may be different at night as there were a lot of sake bottles behind the counters). As for the general look:


Tenkatsu 1


Tenkatsu 2
My lunch that day: Sashimi menu, simple but great.


Tenkatsu 3


I don’t think I need to underline the fact that the fish is extra-fresh (I don’t think that freshness of the fish is never really a problem in Japan). However, I think I need to mention the fact that among the “tenants” of the big tank in the middle of the restaurant were a few Fugu (you can vaguely distinguish them on the right). I take this as a sign that the chef is really good at what he does.

I was going to end this post without giving you the address, whoops:


7-8 Hyōgo-machi
Takamatsu, Japan
Tel: 087-821-5380
(and it’s very easy to find, it’s at the very end –or beginning-
of Hyōgo-machi, in the part that is not covered)


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