Tanya Preminger’s Stratums on Shamijima


Today, we’re briefly revisiting a permanent artwork dating from 2013 and that is located on Shamijima. This is Tanya Preminger‘s Stratums :




For some reason, I do have a some spot for this work. Maybe because, it’s the best kind of land art… If you don’t pay close attention, you’d almost think that’s it’s almost natural. If you look closely, you realize that it’s more intricate that it seems at first.




Also, I always prefer art that you can interact with, as opposed to: “don’t move, don’t speak, don’t take pictures, don’t breathe, don’t do anything, just look… but not too long”.





Not mentioning the fact that it’s one of my daughter’s favorite artwork.

If you want to know more about this work of art, may I advise you to read the following two posts:




David Billa

David was born and raised in France. After a few years in the US and then back to his home country, life led him to the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After falling in love with the area, he decided to show its beauty and all it has to offer with this blog.

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