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Memory of a (free?) Festival


Just two almost random pictures today.

First, some rather rare Setouchi Triennale 2016 memorabilia:




Yes, some slippers from Ogi School PSS40. They were kindly given by Shiraishi-san (shortly after the picture I took in the previous post). Not sure if I’m gonna wear them much; they’re too small for me (just like 99% of slippers in Japan), and I need to clean them too, as they were worn – albeit briefly – by dozens and dozens of random people. Still a fun souvenir to have around.

Apart from that, yesterday, I was on Megijima – I never went so much to Megijima than this year (for a reason that will be divulged later this week, not too hard to guess if you’re a regular reader) and I made a quick stop at Feel Feel Bonsai to see the place being dismantled:




Hopefully, it’s not completely gone and may be restarted in three years, but as of today, I have no idea.


Oh, and just as I was going to click on “Publish”, I learned some pretty sad news from Ogijima. Today, Tomoko Taniguchi’s Organ was dismantled.

During the past six years, it kinda had become one of Ogijima’s landmarks, but yes, having been there, outside, since 2010, and despite some regular renovation, it really was starting to show its age, and it wasn’t in such a good shape lately. Still, it will be greatly missed (it also was one of my daughter’s favorite artworks).

Here are the last two pictures I took of it (but you’ll probably see it again on the blog, I still have some old ones in stock):










2 thoughts on “Memory of a (free?) Festival”

  1. Sorry to hear the news of Organ. I guess it might have gotten too dirty inside too? Maybe she will rebuild it in the future or they will store it somewhere? I know it is a long shot but who knows. Unless they decide to do something with the space and the homes in that area.

    As for Feel Feel Bonsai, kinda figured it would be gone. Personally I think it won’t be back in 3 years but we can always hope. I really loved seeing the bathroom grow with your pictures. I’m sure the actual bonsai are still somewhere.

    1. Yes, Organ was getting in a pretty bad shape overall.
      One of the two pumps broke last year too, it was hastily repaired for the Triennale, but it wasn’t a long-term repair.
      From what Shiraishi-san (who helped building it 6 years ago and dismantled it this month) it’s gone for good. Not sure if the space will be used again by Art Setouchi, but I assume it will (if not, I’ll see how much I can buy it for, that’s a nice spot to build a house 😉 )

      Concerning Feel Feel Bonsai, yeah, as they dismantled it, I doubt it’ll return, but who knows?
      I was dreaming of a permanent thing, but I doubt it was realistic.
      I assume the bonsai went back to their original home (Masashi Hirao’s nurseries).
      Maybe the “Shima bonsai” were given to the island’s population.

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