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Takamatsu Anpanman Train Park

The shopping mall right next to Takamatsu Station, which was under construction for a couple of years is finally open. It’s called “Orne” (pronounced something like “olooneh”) but we don’t care, it’s just a shopping mall.

However, on the fourth floor, on the roof, there is the new Takamatsu Anpanman Train Park. (it used to be right above the ticket gates)

If you are raising or have raised kids in Japan, you know why it’s important.


Takamatsu Anpanman Train Park


However, I must admit that I’m not sure of the choice to have it outdoors on the roof. It’s a very unpractical location for windy winter days, rainy days, and hot summer days. That may add up to a lot of days in a bad year.



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