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Sunny Winter Day on Ogijima

I think it was the first sunny day of 2020 when I also had free time. So I went to Ogijima for a small stroll to the lighthouse and back, among other things.

I also took a few pictures.

Teshima from the road to the lighthouse



The daffodils are blooming.



Renovation at the lighthouse




A bit overexposed, but I like this picture nonetheless.



Maybe one day, I’ll know the story of this abandoned shed. Not sure there is much of a story about it, though.



Kashiwajima (the unpopulated island just south-east of Naoshima)



I ran into a wild boar (my second encounter on Ogijima) shortly before taking the picture above.



And back to Ogicho:





Takamatsu and Shikoku from Toyotama-hime Shrine, near the top of the village.


And that’s all for today.

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