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Art on Naoshima in 2020

Hi there.
Just a very quick post to inform you of a few things.

First, I’m alive. I don’t know what’s happening with me this winter but it seems that I just can’t find the time to blog these days. However, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening on the site. I am preparing a bunch of things, it’s just not online yet.

Well, one is. It is actually the main purpose of this post; to inform you that my Art Guide for Naoshima has been updated for 2020 (and it shouldn’t change much for 2021 either).

You can check it out there:

Naoshima Art Guide 2021


Finally, some bad news: You may have heard about a certain coronavirus known under the nickname of COVID-19. Well, its bad influence is extending even to the Setouchi area, as all the Art Setouchi sites are currently closed. Officially until the end of the week, but I don’t think it’s extrapolating too much to assume that they will remain closed a little longer.

I’ll update you with new information when I get some. They’ll also be published on the usual social media, especially the Facebook group companion to this site.

The good news (I couldn’t end with bad news, could I?) is that you can expect more updates of the art guides for the other islands in the very near future.


George Rickey Three Squares Vertical Diagonal Naoshima
Three Squares Vertical Diagonal” by George Rickey on Naoshima



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