Spring has come…


… and with it some major changes on the blog.

You may have noticed the new look. Do you like it?

You may also have noticed the new name. What do you think of it?

Some more changes may show up little by little. I’ll tell you about them as they come.

Also, if you have any suggestions, about the looks, about things you’d like to see on the blog and such, do not hesitate.

Finally, and despite winter-like temperature, yesterday, I spent a few hours on Ogijima, so here are some pictures (just a handful):


Plum blossom - Ogijima
There were a few plum blossoms left.


Torii - Ogijima
They were near Toyotamahima-jinja.


Last year, the very first cherry blossoms I saw where on Ogijima. I went to check out the same tree:


Sakura bud - Ogijima
Not just yet (they were early last year)


However, I may have seen a tree in full bloom, although it was a bit far, it could have been plums.


Ogijima Houses


Huge boat
Probably one of the biggest boat I have seen on the Seto Inland Sea.


That’s all for today.

Oh! Before I forget, make sure you update your subscriptions to the blog (RSS or by e-mail). It’s also a good opportunity to subscribe if you haven’t done it yet.



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