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Shodoshima’s Greek Windmill


A view of Shodoshima's Greek Windmill, late afternoon (so it's a little backlit) with the Seto Inland Sea and Mito Peninsula in the background

No, this is not Greece, this is the Seto Inland Sea and more precisely Shodoshima. If you’ve already been to the island, this picture won’t surprise you. You may even have taken a similar one. If you’ve never been to Shodoshima, know that, yes, it has a Greek windmill. It’s located in Olive Park and commemorates Shodoshima’s ties with the island of Milos in Greece, its “sister island.”

As a reminder, Shodoshima’s microclimate is very similar to a Mediterranean climate and it’s famous for being the first (and only?) place where olive trees grow in Japan.



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