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Gone fishing…


Not me, him…

Young man fishing on an anti-tsunami wall on the shore of the Seto Inland Sea. We can see the islands of Oshima and Shodoshima in the background.


I took this photo this afternoon, walking around my neighborhood. In case you’re wondering the islands behind are Oshima (the small one) and Shodoshima (the big one that we don’t fully see).

This is also a reminder that I (ir)regularly post “Setouchi pictures of the day” on social media. It used to be mostly on Twitter, but as that place is a sinking ship, I’m now active on the Fediverse (also Instagram, when I don’t forget that I have an account there). I mostly use Mastodon, but I’m also currently trying Calckey (an offshoot of Misskey, a Japanese Fediverse tool), and also, this very site, Setouchi Explorer itself, is now accessible from the Fediverse. Just copy this “@[email protected]” and paste it into any Fediverse client’s search bar and you can follow the blog directly from there.

If you’re not familiar with the Fediverse, I won’t explain in details here, that would be off-topic, but look into it, I believe that this is the only sane way the internet can move forward at this point. Maybe I’ll try to write something about it soon on my other blog and/or my newsletter.

See you there? If not, see you here soon.


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