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Shiro Café in Takamatsu


Among the many cultural events that take place in Takamatsu and around during the summer, I almost didn’t have time to go to Shiro Café, that opened for a few weeks and that closed this past Sunday (we were among the very last visitors).

Shiro Café was a café/shop/exhibit hall showing the works of local craftsmen and artists. It had the particularity to take place in one of the most beautiful settings of Takamatsu, as it was located in Tamamo-jō, that is Takamatsu’s castle and its wonderful garden, and more precisely the Hiunkaku, the large building in the middle of the garden that used to be the Daimyo’s house and later the local government building. Its main purpose nowadays is to host cultural events, although it can have an official function from time to time (I believe Emperor Shōwa stayed there when he came to Takamatsu). While various rooms are open to the public when various events are held, it is entirely accessible only a few days a year (New Year’s and May 5th I believe – which reminds me that I never posted about my visits there, I have to do that one of those days). However, with the Shiro Café event, a large number of rooms were indeed accessible. Also, one could see it at night, which makes it even more beautiful and magical, especially with all those beautiful objects exhibited in its various rooms.

But no more talking, I let you enjoy the view (click on the pictures to see them full size, you can also navigate the gallery with the arrow keys):


Shiro Cafe - 09



Unfortunately, I can’t advise you to go to Shiro Café as it was a temporary event, but this is a good reminder of the kinds of things you can see in Takamatsu quite regularly.



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