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Shichi-Go-San at Marugamemachi Dome


Shichi Go San a Marugamemachi


Shichi-Go-San at Marugamemachi Dome

(actually this picture dates from last year, but it’s timely)

4 thoughts on “Shichi-Go-San at Marugamemachi Dome”

    1. Do you think there still will be some this week-end? According to my wife it was just yesterday (but she’s not sure).
      However, I have other plans for this week-end. Namely, go to Negoro-ji (hint: the place is full of Momiji)

        1. I didn’t know about the week-end thing. Thanks. It makes sense, actually that picture was taken on a week-end last year, not on the 15th. So I should go check out a shrine or two tomorrow afternoon. Also, who knows, some of my younger students may come with kimonos today. 🙂

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