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Seto Island Quiz


devinette iles de seto


Can anyone tell me the names of the islands depicted on this picture ? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seto Island Quiz”

    1. You’re forgiven because you’re a new reader here. 😉
      One is really really easy to find, from there the other ones should be too (with the help of a map of course)

  1. Megijima at bottom right, Ogijima center-left, Teshima left, ? center-top, Shodoshima top right. We don’t have any name for that one island on OpenStreetMap, so I can add it =)

    1. Yep, you got it.

      So, I guess I can give the answer for the last remaining one. It’s Odeshima (“little Teshima”). I haven’t been yet. It is populated but there are no ferry to get there, you need to have your own boat.

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