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Ritsurin Garden from Kikugetsu-tei


So, a few days ago, I went to Ritsurin Garden for a very special visit (as a “linguistic consultant” if you like), so I didn’t take any pictures, except from one spot: Kikugetsu-tei, that is Ritsurin Garden’s main tea house. I hadn’t been inside in years, literally (not a place to go with very active young kids, and pretty much every time I go to Ritsurin, I go with my two very active young kids 😉 ). So, as the occasion is rare, I did take some pictures, of the inside of the place, but also of the garden from the place.

As I didn’t have my camera with me, and as this was not a regular visit, I just took some very quick shots with my phone. That’s why the framing in particular is a bit off on some pics. Also, for some reason the camera app of my phone automatically switched to HDR mode (it’s done that lately, I had to download a new app), this is why the colors are a bit odd on some pics too.

Anyway, here they are:




On a side note, yes, I know, the blog is very quiet these days… As you know, in September, I was on vacation (and actually busy collecting lots of new content for the blog), but then, a friend “tricked” me into taking part in Inktober, despite my poor drawing skills, and I’ve been busy with it since. You can see my masterpieces on another blog, if you care.


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