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Ritsurin Garden in the Fall


Fall is here (well, after today’s temperatures, one can be tempted to say that Winter is here)! While we’ll have to wait until April to be warm ago, there aren’t only bad sides to Fall.

It’s probably the most beautiful season in Japan, and indeed trees have started to change colors a few days ago, and now forests and hills are covered with those wonderfuls variations of red, brown, yellow and more.

It’s also the best time to visit Ritsurin garden, as I believe that it is in Fall that it is the most beautiful.


Ritsurin autumn - 1


Ritsurin autumn - 3


Ritsurin autumn - 2


These pictures are not exactly recent (they’re from two years ago), but they give you a good idea of what the park will look like during the next few weeks.

Also, starting in two days (if I’m correct) and lasting until early December, Ritsurin garden will be open at night and if you can go, do not miss it.


Ritsurin autumn nocturne


I’ll post more recent pictures as soon as I have some (this weekend?)



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