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Teshima Art Museum


We went back to Teshima yesterday, and I finally visited the Teshima Art Museum – one of the most unique museum in the world – among other things. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Revisiting Teshima”

    1. Thanks.
      That reminds me that I have never written about my experience (relatively similar to yours, except that it was a rainy day as you can see on the picture above)

    1. Well, the rain was not all bad. First, we were about 4 visitors, so it was not too crowded. Also, I think it has been designed for all kinds of weathers. Actually it was very interesting to have rain falling inside a building. As for the water system, at first I thought it was water from the rain, but then I noticed like you did that it came up from tiny holes and that it was part of the thing.

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