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While oden is probably the typical “winter staple food” in Japan, I don’t think that anything beats a hot bowl of ramen and some gyoza when it’s cold outside (as well as inside, after all we’re talking about Japan here):





3 thoughts on “Ramen”

  1. I never liked ramen because I though of it as overcooked pasta. Then I went to Japan and tried it: this is how I came to realize that ramen is, well, ramen and is actually quite good! Now I like it (but I would not try it here in Iowa, for the same reason that I am always skeptic about pasta in the US.

    1. I’m with you on this.
      The only great ramen I had was in Japan.
      And is there any food that’s not suspicious in the US??? I never found any (at least not in restaurants or that came from the store)

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