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People on Naoshima


Sometimes, while waiting for the ferry in Miyanoura Port, I think that the people on Naoshima make interesting photography subjects, don’t you?


People on Naoshima 1

I never fully understood the act of taking a picture in front of something else.
At least, she’s not just standing there idiotically.


People on Naoshima 2


The thing that surprises me the most every time I go to Naoshima are Westerners… Westerners, everywhere!!! Seriously, I went last week – not for tourism but to help a friend researching something – I think there were more Westerners than Japanese people. That’s why I find it quite amusing when I read here and there that Naoshima is “off the beaten path”. Naoshima receives about half a million visitors a year, how is that for “off the beaten path”? 🙂


People on Naoshima 3


People on Naoshima 4


People on Naoshima 5


People on Naoshima 6


On very busy days, expect long lines to get on the ferry. Yes, nowadays, apart maybe in the middle of winter, I think there are no “non-busy days” on Naoshima anymore. Even off season is busy. And if you go on week-ends during the Setouchi Triennale or on special days, like Golden Week, expect big crowds and lines everywhere.


People on Naoshima 7


Note: I usually don’t post pictures of strangers on this blog, but in such a touristy place, I think it’s fair game. However, if you recognize yourself on one of the pictures and would like me to take it out, no problem, just ask.



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