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No updates these past few days because I was busy setting up the new version of the French version of this blog (feel free to check it out if you can read the language).

So, to thank you for your patience, I thought the best way was to offer you, another picture of Itsukushima‘s Otorii!

(Just like I’ve done with the reopening of this blog. Hey, that could be an idea: celebrate any special event with an Otorii picture) 😉

Miyajima's Torii

4 thoughts on “Otorii”

    1. Thanks. Yeah, first I was sad that it was low tide, as it may not be as beautiful (especially the shrine itself, instead of floating on water, it floated on muddy sand), but being able to approach the Torii is priceless.
      It’s definitely a place to visit both at low and high tide.

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