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Oshima from Megijima
Oshima seen from Megijima



I’m starting planning the “tourism” parts of my trip next week.

The big question right now is whether to go back to Oshima or not.

I really want to go back to this island, I want to know it more and opportunities are scarce. It will be open to the public on June 10th and 11th (Saturday and Sunday). On the 10th we’re going to Ogijima and not many things in Earth can change that fact (Maison de Urushi and Onba Factory and the other Art Setouchi places are currently open on week-ends only), but we were planning a two day-trip to the Okayama Prefecture (and some new islands) for the 11th and 12th that we can’t really fit anywhere else.

However, I really want to go back to Oshima and I don’t know when will be my next opportunity to do so…

If you guys have any input to give. 🙂



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